Collect payments by phone

How to integrate Stripe with Telzio to collect payments over the phone.

Telzio enables you to accept payments by phone with Stripe, and deposits the payments directly into your Stripe account. You can automatically route callers to a payment option through your Call Flow, and you can also transfer callers to the payment option while on a call.

Before you can use our Stripe integration to take payments over the phone, you'll need to create a Stripe account.

How to accept payments by phone

There are different ways you can take payments over the phone with the Telzio-Stripe integration.

For example, you can:

  • Add Stripe as an option in your phone menu (i.e. Press 3 to make a payment)
  • Create a Call Flow exclusively for accepting payments where you can transfer callers

Payment settings

The Product Name is for your internal reference and is not shown to or heard by the customer. When the payment transaction is completed, the Product Name will be shown on the email confirmation sent to you.

The Confirmation Email is your internal email where you want payment confirmation to be sent.

Selecting Let caller enter amount will prompt the caller to enter the dollar amount that they want to pay on their dial pad.

Selecting Fixed amount allows you to enter a specified amount for the caller to pay.

Marking Ask for Account Number and Ask for Invoice Number will prompt the caller to enter the account/invoice number using their dialpad, which will appear on the email confirmation for your reference.

Marking Send SMS Confirmation will send an automated text message to the caller with payment confirmation.

Once you're done filling out the payment option details, click Update and you'll see two new Actions in the Call Flow.

Payment confirmation settings

You can add Actions following the payment option depending on if the payment transaction was successful or if it was declined. These two Actions are optional. If you decide to leave them blank, the call will end after the transaction. You can add any Action here.

For our example, you can add an Announcement following a successful transaction, with a message that their payment was accepted. Following the Announcement, you can transfer the caller to another destination.

If the transaction is declined, you can add another Announcement with a different recording, and then route them back to the beginning to try the payment again.

Using the Transfer Action, you can route callers to any User, Group, or Call Flow.