Auto Provisioning

Telzio offers auto-provisioning (also known as zero touch provisioning) of IP phones, including Yealink, Grandstream, Cisco, and Polycom. This means that you can configure IP phones via the Telzio Dashboard with just the MAC address of the device. 

Additionally, all IP phones bought from Telzio are added to your account when they are shipped from our warehouse, enabling you to configure them before they even arrive so all you have to do is plug them in. This also allows you to ship phones to different locations, making the life as an IT manager much easier.

What you’ll need to auto provision a device: 

  • The MAC address of the device 
  • The username to be configured with the device 

How to find the MAC address

If you purchased the device from Telzio, you’ll receive an email from us with the MAC address of the device. If you have an existing device that you want to configure with Telzio, you can find the MAC address on the device itself. 


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How to Auto Provision IP Phones

Follow these steps to auto provision an IP phone: 

  1. Click on the MAC address in the email you received from Telzio,
    or navigate to Devices on your Telzio Dashboard and click New Device.
  2. Type in a Device Name
    For example: JennDeskPhone
  3. Enter / confirm the MAC Address
    For example: 805EC050A36F
  4. Select the Brand and Model of the device
  5. Select the User to be registered to this device
  6. Select a Device Group, if any
  7. Click Update Details

Device Settings

The following IP phone settings can be managed on the Telzio Dashboard.


Voicemail indicator (MWI)
MWI stands for Message Waiting Indicator, which displays a blinking red light on your phone when there’s a new voicemail. By default, the voicemail indicator is enabled. 


SIP Transport
The three modes you can select for SIP Transport are UDP, TCP, and TLS. By default, UDP is selected, and should work for most devices. If you are having trouble connecting to your network, choose one of the other options and try again. 


SIP Port

The two SIP Port options are 5060 and 6050. By default, the port is set to 5060 for SIP, and should work for most devices. If the port is blocked, choose 6050 and try again. 


Time Format

The available time formats that can be displayed on the phone are 12 hours and 24 hours. By default, the time format is set to 12 hours. 

Device Groups

Groups enable you to apply universal settings to a group of devices. To create a new group, navigate to Devices and click New Group.


To edit the settings for a group, navigate to Devices and click on the pencil icon. 


Device Settings

These settings will be applied to all devices in this group. You can personalize settings for individual devices through its own settings. Individual User Device Settings override these Group Settings.  



You can program the following softkeys into your devices. 




Leaves the key blank

Line Key

Registers a user extension 


Displays busy lamp field / Presence / Status of users 


Transfers to another user or call flow's extension

Speed Dial

Automatically dials the set phone number 


Initiates a one-way call to another extension or group 


Initiates a two-way call to another extension or group

Call Parking

Parks the call and allows it to be picked up elsewhere.

Supported IP Phone Brands


Yealink is Telzio's preferred IP phones brand. This is the brand we have the most technical knowledge about and best stability and usability experience with. For that reason, this is also the brand we develop new features for first. 

See this article for help with Auto Configuration for Yealink.


Grandstream used to be Telzio's preferred brand, but over the course of the past 3-4 years their firmware quality has declined significantly, we can no longer endorse these phones. However, since we used to recommend them and have many customers using these phones, we do have a fair amount of technical knowledge about them. We strive to implement all features that are available for Yealink on Grandstream phones as well, but they may become available slightly later.

See this article for help with Auto Provisioning for Grandstream.

Polycom VVX & SoundPoint

While not all Telzio features are available on Polycom phones, we do still offer the option to auto provision your VVX and SoundPoint phones via Polycom's ZTP service.

See this article for help with Auto Provisioning for Polycom

Cisco SPA and 8800 Series Phones

Cisco's legacy small business IP phone series "SPA" and their newer 8800 series are both supported for auto-provisioning on Telzio's network. However, these phones do not have the same rich featureset as Yealink and Grandstream, so you may find that some functions or features are unavailable.