Call Flow

  • Announcements

    Announcements are a feature in your phone system that enable you to create custom messages and greetings for callers to hear when they dial your business.

  • Automated SMS

    Learn how to send automated SMS text messages from your Telzio phone system to callers and employees.

  • API Request

    Dynamically direct calls in your call flow based on responses from your own API.

  • Call Forwarding

    Learn how to route calls to multiple users and departments using the Call Forwarding feature in your Telzio phone system.

  • Call Me Back Feature

    How to use the "Call Me Back" feature in Queues

  • Call Queues

    Learn how to set up call queues with your Telzio phone system. With Queues, callers are placed on hold until the next agent is available.

  • Conference

    Learn how to set up a conference bridge with your Telzio phone system.

  • Directory

    Company Directory is a feature in your Telzio phone system that allows callers to search for extensions by name, and enables you to choose which departments are searchable.

  • Getting Started with Call Flows

    Learn how to set up your Telzio business phone system with easy-to-use Call Flows. Set up phone menus, queues, call routing, business hours, and voicemail.

  • Phone Menus

    Learn how to set up a Phone Menu with your Telzio phone system. Follow our step-by-step guide and customize a greeting and options with ease.

  • Opening Hours

    Learn how to set opening hours for your business phone system, and filter calls based on your business schedule.

  • Reconnect

    This call flow action allows callers to connect with the same agent as they previously spoke to.

  • Recording Greetings

    Learn how to record greetings for phone menus, voicemails, and conference bridges on your Telzio phone system.

  • Stripe

    Stripe is an integration Telzio offers where you can accept payments by phone, and the funds are deposited directly into your Stripe account.

  • Tag Call Log

    This Call Flow Action allows you to add tags to a call log record when a call passes through the action in the call flow.

  • Text-to-Speech

    Learn how to use Text-to-Speech to record custom greetings for your Telzio phone system.

  • Transfer

    Learn how to automate inbound call routing to employees with features like Transfer and Forward from your Telzio phone system.

  • Voicemail

    Learn how to set up individual and company voicemails with your Telzio phone system. Unlimited voicemail boxes are included.