Ports and IP Addresses

The following IP addresses and ports are used by Telzio's VoIP platform, for making and receiving calls with IP phones and our browser based WebRTC phone.

While most customers do not need to whitelist anything in their routers or firewalls, some enterprise level networks or co-working spaced do require this. 

In order to keep the changes to page at a minimum, we own the IP ranges used for SIP and RTP, but the list may expand or change over time.

IP Ranges

Please whitelist all IP ranges and ports on the following list. While the are separated by region, Telzio automatically uses other regions for backup in case of outages.

You must allow both Inbound and Outbound traffic on all ports mentioned below.

Region IP Range CIDR Port Ranges
North America - UDP 30000 - 40000

UDP 5060, 5061, 6050
TCP 5060, 5061, 6050
Australia & Asia/Pacific - UDP 30000 - 40000

UDP 5060, 5061, 6050
TCP 5060, 5061, 6050

Legacy IP Addresses

The below IP addresses is currently in use by Telzio, but are planned to be outphased in 2020. We recommend whitelisting them for the time being and checking back to this article later.

IP Address Port Ranges
UDP 30000 - 40000 UDP 5060, 5061, 6050
TCP 5060, 5061, 6050