Text-to-Speech enables you to type in a greeting for your phone system instead of recording your own voice or uploading an audio file. You can use Text-to-Speech to create greetings for your Phone Menus, Voicemails, Conferences, and Hold Messages.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Text-to-Speech to generate greetings with your Telzio phone system.


When we talk about Text-to-Speech and greetings, we use some terminology that you should familiarize yourself with before you get started.

  • Call Flow - 
    The configuration of features that automate inbound calls to your phone system.
  • Phone Menu
     - An automated attendant that greets callers with options on their keypad to be routed to a particular destination.
  • Voicemail
     - Individual and shared company voicemails where callers can leave messages when there’s no answer.
  • Conference  
    A dedicated phone line where multiple callers can dial in to join the same call.
  • Forward Call  
    A feature in the Call Flow that routes callers to departments and hunt groups.

Using Text-to-Speech to Create a Greeting

You can use Text-to-Speech in various parts of your Call Flow. To learn more about building your first Call Flow, visit our support guide on Getting Started with Call Flows.

Phone Menus, Voicemails, and Conferences

Here are steps to help you create greetings for Phone Menus, Voicemails, and Conference Bridges.

  1. Navigate to your Call Flow and click on the action where you can Record, Upload, or Type a greeting.
  2. Under Add New Greeting, click on Type.
  3. Under Text to Speech Greeting, type in the greeting you want callers to hear when they reach your Phone Menu.

    There is a maximum character limit of 4,000. 
  4. Under Select Voice, choose the language and gender of the voice you want to announce your greeting.
  5. Click Preview to hear the greeting.
  6. Click Update to save the greeting.

Hold Messages

You can also use Text-to-Speech to generate a hold message before you start routing your callers to employees. You can create hold messages when using the Forward Call feature in your Call Flow.

Here are steps to create a hold message for your callers.

  1. Navigate to your Call Flow and click on Forward, where you can add a hold message.
  2. Under Hold Message Voice, select the language and gender of the voice you want to announce your hold message.
  3. Under Hold Message, type in the message you want callers to hear.
  4. Click Update to save your hold message.