User Details

You can customize details for your Telzio Users including caller ID, no-answer rules, profile picture, and call recording.

In this article, you’ll learn about User details and how to edit them.

To get started, first create a user.

Follow these steps to edit User details:

  1. Navigate to the Users page.
  2. Click on the User to open its settings.
  3. In the first section, you can edit the User’s first and last name.
    The Username cannot be changed. In order to change a User’s username, you will have to create a new User.
  4. In the following section, you can edit the following settings:
    Email Edit the User’s email, where they receive Voicemails and links to reset their password if they forget it.
    Group Assign the User to a group, where you can include them in call forwarding groups and queues, and keep them organized by department, office, or organization.
    Permissions Select the administrative capabilities given to the User.
    Administrator Switch the button to ON to give the User full administrative privileges on your account, including managing your billing and account information.
    User Avatar Upload a profile picture for your User, to quickly identify them in call logs, queues, and message threads.
  5. Choose an Outbound Phone Number for the User, which will display as their caller ID and be the associated plan where usage is counted.
    Switch the toggle for User Selectable to ON to enable the User to change their own caller ID. Leave the button on OFF to fix the caller ID to your selection.
  6. Edit the User’s 3 to 4 digit Extension.
  7. Switch Record Calls to ON to record all calls for the User. Switch Record Calls to OFF to stop recording calls.
  8. Select a genre of Hold Music for callers to hear while they wait to be connected to the User.
  9. When you’re done editing the User Details, click Update Details.
  10. In the next section of the page called Unanswered Calls, you can set the no-answer rules for the User.
    Destination – Choose a Destination for the call if the User does not answer.
    Ring Duration – Set the length of time a call will attempt the User before sending them to the above Destination.
  11. When you’re done editing the no-answer rules, click Update Settings.
  12. The next section called SIP Information is where you’ll find settings for logging into IP phones and devices.
  13. You can update the password for the User in the following section.
    Learn more about Changing Passwords.
  14. In the bottom section of the page is where you can delete the User.
    Once you delete a User, you cannot retrieve it and the User will no longer be able to call or log into the website.