Call Forwarding

With Call Forwarding, Telzio enables you to route incoming calls to the mobile app, IP phones, softphones, and non-Telzio numbers. With Call Forwarding, you can automate inbound call routing and allow employees to use a range of devices to receive calls on your Telzio number. You can configure routing for multiple departments, offices, employees, and devices with different sets of rules, settings, and schedules.

In this article, you will learn how to set up Call Forwarding with your Telzio service.

Important Notes

  • Telzio is an internet-based phone service, which means you can take calls from anywhere your device has internet connectivity.
  • If you don’t have internet connectivity, your phone system will not be affected, and calls will be routed based on your no-answer rules, such as redirecting to a Voicemail, non-Telzio number, or a variety of other options.
  • To enable your employees to answer inbound calls, first you need to create Users for them on your phone system. Learn more about creating Users.
  • Telzio supports unlimited concurrent calls, which means all your employees can be on a call using a single Telzio phone number without callers experiencing a busy signal. With Telzio, there is no need for rollover lines.

Available Options

The following options are available in the Forward action in your Call Flow.

Call Distribution

Call All will attempt to dial all users, groups or phone numbers listed under "Destinations", and the first to answer will receive the call.

Important: A maximum of 20 unique users or phone numbers can be dialed simultaniously. If your Forward includes more destinations than that, the system will pick 20 random destinations to forward the call to.

Call One-by-One will dial each destination in the order they are listed in the call flow Action

Destination The Users, Groups, or phone numbers to direct calls to.
Screen Calls Plays a prompt to the receiver of a call, announcing the name of the Call Flow the call came through, and asks the receiver to "press 1" to accept the call before connecting it. This feature is useful when forwarding to external phone numbers, to prevent calls from being answered by personal voicemail of the numbers you forward to.
Record Calls Records the call and saves it to your Telzio account.
Timeout The amount of time the call will attempt to connect to a Destination before moving onto the next option
Caller ID Select which number to display to the receiver of the call. By selecting "Show My Number", the receiver will see the phone number the caller dialed.
Hold Music Play hold music for your callers while they wait for someone to answer. 
Hold Message Play a short greeting for the caller before dialing the destinations. This feature will soon be discontinued, and we suggest using an Announcement instead.

Basic Setup

Follow these steps to set up Call Forwarding:

  1. Navigate to your Call Flows.
  2. Click on the desired Call Flow to open its settings.
  3. Click Add Action, and select Forward Call.
    Forward Call
  4. Give the Action a title so you can identify it later in your Call Flow. (Optional)
    Change action name
  5. Select a Call Distribution style.
    Call All – Calls all Destinations in the list at the same time.
    Call One-by-One – Calls each Destination one at a time in the order they’re listed.
    Call Distribution
  6. Mark the desired Call Settings.
    Screen Calls – Announces the name of the Call Flow when you answer, prompting you to press 1 to accept the call, or hang up to decline.
    Record Calls – Records all calls routed through this Action.
    Call Settings
  7. Select the Caller ID displayed to your employees.
    Show Caller’s Number – Displays the caller’s phone number.
    Show My Number – Displays the number the caller has dialed.
    Caller ID
  8. Choose a genre of Hold Music for callers to enjoy while they wait to be connected. (Optional)

    Hold Music
  9. Click Add Destination.
    Add Destination
  10. Under Type, select the User, Group, Phone Number, or SIP Uri where you want calls to go.
    User – Send calls to an employee.
    Group – Send calls to a group of employees.
    Phone – Send calls to a non-Telzio phone number.
    SIP Uri – Send calls to a SIP user on another platform.
    Enter forwarding type
  11. Under Forward To, select the User or Group, or type in the phone number or SIP Uri info.
    Select Username
  12. Select a Timeout period.
    Choosing No Timeout will prevent the call from moving onto the next option, unless the User or Group is not connected to any device.
    Set Timeout
  13. Click the X button to remove the Destination, and click Add Destination to add another Destination.
  14. When you’ve finished adding Destinations, click Update.

Forwarding to Non-Telzio Numbers

You can receive calls on your Telzio number without downloading the app or getting an IP phone by forwarding all calls to a non-Telzio number, such as your mobile or landline number. Forwarding to non-Telzio numbers can be configured as a backup if your employees do not have internet connectivity.

See the example on Forwarding to Field Agents to learn more about setting up backup routing.

It’s important to note that forwarding to non-Telzio numbers counts as both inbound and outbound minutes towards your plan for the duration of the call (inbound minute to the Telzio number + outbound minute to the non-Telzio number).